Franchising is not so much a type of business but a way of doing business.
A franchise can offer you tremendous opportunities for job satisfaction and a great lifestyle. Some of the perks include:

  • Working for yourself
  • Work/life balance
  • Being part of a successful team
  • Access to a turnkey business solution
  • Less risk and loads of support
  • Joining an established brand
  • Systems, strategies, and solid advice at your fingertips
Pretty appealing, right?
What we offer

Regardless of your experience, our accredited franchise system makes starting your own business tress-free and set for success. Because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, TSK franchises are

easy to operate, innovatively marketed and deliver cash flow most new businesses can only dream of.

Draw on our extensive knowledge base, buying power and turnkey solution to create the business you’ve always wanted.

According to research, franchise businesses like TSK attain a 90% success rate compared to 1 in 3small businesses failing. So why take the risk?

As a TSK franchisee, you’ll receive market insights, full training, and the proven systems we used to grow our business from 1 to 12 in a few short years. By joining our established brand, you’re not only gaining our reputation but also VIP access to a community of entrepreneurs who share your hunger for business success. Feast on that!

Join the Tokyo Sushi Kitchen rebellion.

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